What happened to Mesut Özil's career at Arsenal?

What happened to Mesut Özil's career at Arsenal?

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Once hailed the ‘Assist King’ at Arsenal, we take a look back at what happened to Mesut Ozil at Arsenal. This follows the news that Özil has flown over to Turkey to finalise a deal with Fenerbahçe.

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24 comentarios en «What happened to Mesut Özil's career at Arsenal?»

  1. He’s being kicked out by arsenal because he spoke out about the biggest concentration camps since the Holocaust. Unreal how every1 country and organisation is fine to let this happen cos of all the money china’s got.

  2. He spoke about a important truth and got pretty much banned from arsenal.
    Mesut is just a real guy and does not fear anything and can speak out loud that is what he did. Just a shame for the arsenal history. İm not blaming the fans but i do blame the arsenal staff.. just full with garbage people.
    But hey.. thanks for doing so.. now he is playing in my club.. you guys are just a bunch of idiots to threat a star like that. You've lost a good player with a noce personality just because of your chinese sponsors .. gosh

  3. 02:48. Aubameyang since joining arsenal – 10 goals in 14, 31 in 51, 29 in 44 & 8 in 20. 78 goals and 16 assists in 129 games. Seriously, where do they find these muppets? No one has been consistent at Arsenal 😂

  4. Read the comments they want to silence him becaue he spoke on the muslims suffering in china, dont worry ozil your a legend for life stay at home in turkey and relax and the chinese communist party will fall and this silent genocide will end soon brother.

  5. You failed to mention why he left the German National Team in 2018 and instead decided point that as a dip in motivation. Covering up the racism he suffered from the National Team who discriminated against him because of his Turkish origin is just awful. It's not just bad punditry, it's racist punditry.

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