Would Fenerbahce be the right destination for Mesut Özil? | Transfer Talk

Would Fenerbahce be the right destination for Mesut Özil? | Transfer Talk

The Transfer Talk panel discuss the latest in the saga surrounding Mesut Ozil’s future, with the latest reports from Turkey claiming the midfielder has agreed a deal with Fenerbahce.

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  1. Great move for Ozil at least he’s away from the deadwood club what idiots Arsenal are the best no 10 in the world he will be playing champions league football we’re he should be something Arsenal won’t see for a long time 😄😄😄😄😄😜

  2. Goodbye arsenal hi fenerbahce. I lost my heart to arsenal on this ozil matter. Im a fan of arsenal since bergkamp era. I dont know why. But this type of players made you know that football is more than kicking around. Somehow players like this are dying breed. Neymar, ronaldo, cr7, messi. They are play like they would play. Somehow nowadays i feel as thought there is no more from managers that said to their players "i want you to play as i request but when you can do what you can just do it"… Instead it just like "do what i say,if we lose its because you dont do it PERFECTLY."

  3. Özil is in his homeland now and he will play for his chilhood dream team F.Bahce. He will be respected and treated like a superstar !!!! But there is one point: Fenerbahce is mainly supported by seculars and republicans in Turkey. The club itself is secular. Too much religious propoganda (like now) from Mesut may create some concerns in time. Mesut must balance things.

  4. When things were going well and other clubs wanted him, Ozil showed loyalty and signed a new contract but when thing weren’t going well Arsenal did not show loyalty and respect his contract.

    Arsenal has lost its class.

  5. The media makes a big deal of a player holding a club hostage but goes silent when a club demonizes a player. Arsenal never gave Mesut any support! Mesut is an artist with the ball. No wonder the great Zico admires him so much. I will follow Mesut wherever he goes!

  6. He is a big fan of Fenerbahçe. He also promised to his mother one day he’ll play for Fenerbahçe. He is also turkish like his wife. Even he played for germany he retire from national team due to political abuse against Turkey.

  7. So many mistakes was made to Özil. I think he is one of the best players now. However, He wasn't played awkwardly all of a suden. That was a very big mistake. I'm fan of Fenerbahçe. I would want to see him in Fenerbahçe. I think he will come to Fenerbahçe. I hope so.

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