"How wrong is the game?" – Ian Holloway rants at Wayne Rooney & the Bosman rule

"How wrong is the game?" – Ian Holloway rants at Wayne Rooney & the Bosman rule

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After contract talks between Wayne Rooney & Manchester United broke down in 2010, it looked like the English striker would leave Old Trafford on a free transfer. Ian Holloway was critical of the player and the football authorities for allowing this situation to happen with the Bosman rule.

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44 comentarios en «"How wrong is the game?" – Ian Holloway rants at Wayne Rooney & the Bosman rule»

  1. Interesting fact: Ian Holloways's wife and two daughters are all mute deaf. I know this because I used to serve them at a very well-known restaurant in Bath. Upon their second or third visit I asked my manager why their table was always so quiet and he told me that they were all mute deaf.
    Must be a pretty depressing home life, I always figured that's why he comes across so angry / upset in interviews.

  2. Clubs can be just as bad look at the bale situation at Madrid for example they could have let him go easily but wanted a higher transfer fee. Also clubs make there money back in shirt sales so don't start saying the dont get anything for there investment. Also if they have any aspirations to be best they have to invest on players while playing like bets training facilities best manger best coaches.

  3. So much shite was going on at this club in the background with the glazers, transfer policies, and most likely this. Remember how Fergie if wanted him gone – the player was out the door (Keane, Stam, Beckham, etc). He was ruthless and wanted to sell Wayne – Wayne had questioned the Club's ambitions, and had been in transfer talks allegedly. He then came out of the situation with a big contract.

    Fergie retired, right as his team had just gone over the hill.

    It makes you wonder, especially with Fergie saying this as he left the club : https://youtu.be/HgWvOYMzQHs?t=163

  4. Hes saying that clubs should be able to make a financial return on their investment and players shouldnt be able to leave for free which is fkin stupid because its not like ur not getting anything for ur initial investment ur getting years of labour from the player

  5. If I signed a contract for 5 years at my work place and once it was fulfilled my work place told me I could not work anywhere else unless someone paid a fee for me that would be simply ridiculous.

    It should be no different for a footballer, they are humans not your cattle. Ian Holloway has come out with some nonsense over the years hasn't he.

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