Wayne Rooney FIFA21 SBC Player Review – End Of An Era, Is He Worth Doing?

Wayne Rooney FIFA21 SBC Player Review – End Of An Era, Is He Worth Doing?

Hey guys, FIFA Analyst here.

In today’s video we have an in depth player review of the FIFA 21 SBC end of an Era Wayne Rooney.

I showcase what is good, what is bad and talk about if he is worth doing!

Striker may not be the position for this card and I show you why!

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  2. Play him at striker with a Hawk in a 4231 or 442 with Toty Fekir and green link him with 89 Icon Barnes and he’s absolutely crazy. 48 goals 16 assists in 28 games, in Division 1 and Fut champs games. He’s broken, scores everything, is a tank on steroids, and bullies everyone. Scores from anywhere. Best card I’ve ever had.

  3. Playing mainly as a CM in 532 or a few games as CAM in 352 he's been great. Have Shadow on him on 10 chemistry and he bosses the midfield – just put a Catalyst on him and playing him more in that CAM role to try out his long shots with better curve to see if he can ping them in the top corner – Kevin at DCPHD didn't seem to have any issues with his shooting to be fair with Hunter on 10 Chem; and certainly his pace with +10 is not a problem at all for me.

  4. Please anyone, how can I set up my tactics to Mark aggressive. Everyone I play seem to have faster players than mine and I can’t even control the ball talkmore of pass. If you need my PSN or Twitter handle. I’ll give you too please

  5. I was going to wait to get him until tomorrow after some pack openings but after finishing the Grealish challenge for his Honorable Mention, I packed an Immobile and an Untradeable Sterling so that made the 86 rating for his final squad nearly free. Now to see how he plays as a sub.

  6. Alex, you really need to get a better understanding of the Body Types! You said you thought there were three? There are loads, probably about 10 I think. Also, top players have a body type called 'Unique' or their own name such as Neymar or Maradona. Go to futbin and look at the player search and one of the filters shows all body types. Once you get a proper understanding of these, you can know how a player will feel without even using them. Body completely defines how a player will feel in game.

  7. Thanks a lot for the review. I liked that you highlighted your sentimental value to the player but kept it at a distance whilst evaluating each of the individual play aspects and pointing out the minor flaws. This can help the casuals take a much-educated shot at some player/SBC. Looking forward to more such reviews.

  8. I still remember his first goal, ending Arsenal’s one year unbeaten strike. Rooney and Milner, two 16yr olds playing in the Prem. I like the card with an Engine, +10 Curve helps a lot with the Finesse shot.

  9. Idk fifa analysts I’ve been using him at ST with cruyff on a 5-3-2 and he’s outclasses cruyff as a striker,they play off each other very well and using him as a target man with one other striker is how you can see his best ability

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