WHY is Özil the most polarizing player in football? | THE REAL MESUT ÖZIL STORY

WHY is Özil the most polarizing player in football? | THE REAL MESUT ÖZIL STORY

Mesut Özil is not only the most talented player Germany has ever seen but also the most polarizing – dividing opinion like few others. Mesut Özil is a superstar on the pitch, and also on social media, with millions of fans around the globe. Özil won the World Cup in 2014, but his Germany exit four years later sent shockwaves around the world. Now he has been frozen out at Arsenal and looks to be on his way to Fenerbahce. How did he become the divisive figure he is today? From his humble beginnings in Gelsenkirchen to the infamous photo with Turkey’s President Erdogan – we talked to former coaches and teammates to tell you the real story!

Why is Özil so polarizing – on and off the pitch? Was he right to leave the Germany national team? Tell us what you think below…

Report by Pascal Jochem
Editing: Kirsten Jungclaus
Camera: Manuel Vering

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34 comentarios en «WHY is Özil the most polarizing player in football? | THE REAL MESUT ÖZIL STORY»

  1. Fact is, he is not suitable for EPL. Today all top EPL teams have players at the top who aggressively whole match. Even the forward is not supposed to stand back & relax. It's a different style of football.. Ozil made mistake coming to EPL. He should have stayed in la liga which is more soft.

  2. When I was younger, during the 2010 World Cup, I was crazy about Ozil. He was my favorite player in that group/generation, topping even others like Lahm, Muller, and Schweinsteiger who actually played in the club I follow, Bayern.

    It felt so great to have him every year as one of the top assisters in Europe, with his effortless speed and elegance on the pitch and his awesome passes. Such a shame he became basically a random player overnight. It breaks my heart because he isn't even that old, other players his age are still superstars, and he because of "circumstances" is out of the top of European football.

  3. Ozil was phenomenal at iconic 2010 World Cup. After that world cup europe biggest clubs wanted to sign Ozil. Just like Arsenal , Barcelona and Real Madrid . After that World Cup England legend Wayne Rooney wanted Ozil to Manchester United. He talked about that with Sir Alex Ferguson. However he joined Real Madrid . He had wonderful seasons with Madrid . He became best playmaker in La Liga. But he had some issues with Madrid . Specially they brought Luka Modric for the side.

  4. Well, you have to see everything within its context.

    I agree that Mesut is a phenomenal player (though the video description seems somewhat assuming and reductionistic), an honest, down-to-earth likeable fellow, and — best of all — someone who genuinely wishes to help those less fortunate. Admirable!

    I think it's also undeniable that some part of the German media (as is the case with the media in any given country, to be fair) comported themselves rather despicably after the 2018WC. I fully understand Mesut's frustration with the media and what might be called (perceived or real) their racist or racist-adjacent campaigns to scapegoat him. I also — to a lesser degree — understand his frustration with the German FA for not coming to his help.

    On the other hand, Mesut should be fully aware that he — by his own actions — placed himself clearly and decidedly on the political stage (if he intended to or not) on a very delicate subject — twofold delicate even; firstly supporting Erdogan as an openly authoritarian and partially anti-democratic leader. Secondly, he lent his voice to Erdogan's election campaign — even though there was a huge debate at the time over the fact whether a foreign president should be allowed to advocate his own electoral campaign in a third country (Germany). This was especially unfortunate as — firstly — the German government had decided that Erdogan should not be given a public platform for his campaign and — secondly — because it played into the entire Turkish-nationalistic issue that both ethnic Germans and Germans with Turkish roots are extremely divided on.

    While I don't agree with the German FA's decision not to publicly shield their player, I can at least follow their logic that by doing so they themselves would have had to enter the political side of the discussion, something the FA has been firmly against for decades (and for good reason).

    I don't abide by people who say 'he dug his own grave', but I also can't deny that the media storm was an extremely predictable outcome of this (in actually) extremely minor media stunt with Erdogan.

    All the worse, of course, because now both the Erdogan critics and political sceptics on the one side will have to consider their outrage justified because Özil deepened his personal involvement with Erdogan AND — tragically — the critics of the German FA, the German tabloids (or the media in general), and political Germans with Turkish roots might equally feel justified about their outrage over Özil's treatment and deepen their political entrenchment.

    Sadly, a loss-loss situation if ever I saw one.

  5. He was right when he said, he is german when he wins but an immigrant when he loses. If Leroy Sane would have take a picture with Obama, no one would bash him. But the media ranks Obama different even that he killed dozens of people with his drones. I think he did the right choice by leaving the national team. I don't get why other politicians in Germany needed to criticise Özil and even say he should stay out of politics but the politicians don't do their job right and interfere with football. It was not racism in the national team but from the media and a lot of german football fans.

  6. ÖZIL i love you man.
    Welcome home, welcome to Fenerbahce!

    Und an die deutsche Gesellschaft, es war klar und deutlich eine Dikriminierung. Und Ihr müsst euch dafür schämen und zumindest jetzt noch entschuldigen.
    (And to the german community, you have to feel ashame and have make excuses for Mesut ÖZIL. The DFB and also the Media and the population in germany discriminated him. Its clearly true.)

    Greetings from Germany. Peace.

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